Choosing A Carseat

Choosing A Carseat

Written by: Anna Barlow



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Choosing a carseat can feel daunting, but we're here to make your big decisions easy.

We are going to summarise the key features of our best-selling carseats to help you choose what is best for your family.

Need some personalised help? We're always happy to provide advice around which carseat to choose based on your vehicle type, your existing carseats + your child.

We really do have a carseat for everyone, without overwhelming you with choices! There are so many carseats on the market, and we've picked the best of the best to make your decision easy.

Bringing you tried and trusted capsules and carseats from reputable brands like Infasecure, Maxi Cosi, Britax, Nuna + Baby Jogger.

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Not everyone needs or wants to use a capsule but we think they make mom life that little bit easier - especially if it's not your first child. Being able to easily transport your little one from home, to the car, to the shops or school + back again without waking or disturbing them is a win in our eyes! Capsules are also great for ease of getting your little one in and out of the car as you can safely buckle them in from the comfort of your house before you leave, then simply click the capsule in to the base in the car. The other great thing about a capsule? They're compatible with most leading brand strollers and can easily click on and off your stroller for life on-the-go!

Learn more about our capsules below.

maxi cosi capsule and information
Nuna Pipa Rx Capsule


The Britax range of carseats are some of the best on the market. Supremely safety tested, and then tested again, they have been put through their paces to ensure they're some of the safest seats on the market. Some key features of Britax carseats that we love are:

  • they have a steel reinforced frame 
  • they are easily installed with 'clicktight' installation using the seatbelt for a safe + simple install every time
  • they are great for extended rear facing 

Swipe across the gallery below to see the features of each of our Britax seats.


Swipe to see our range of best selling convertible carseats.

Infasecure Carseat and information
Maxi cosi magellan carseat + information
Baby jogger city turn with information