The Bunnie Caddie is one of the most versatile pieces you can buy for life with a newborn [and beyond!]. Here’s a few of our favourites that we know you’ll love, too.

Starting before your baby is born, The Bunnie Caddie makes a great birthing bag. Fill your caddie with snacks & water bottle for birth, swaddles & clothes for your new baby, and all of your postpartum care products such as nipple balm, disposable pads and perineal care. The Bunnie Caddie makes it super easy to keep these products at hand ready to grab during labour and soon after.

The Bunnie Caddie will then become your newborn bestie! Fill it with snacks & water bottle for you, and all those newborn feeding and changing essentials! Burp cloths, nappies, wipes, nappy cream, changes of clothes, change mat, breast pump, breast pads, nipple balm, Silverettes, baby bottles and more. There is a compartment for everything to keep your life organised and at-hand. The handles on the Bunnie Caddie also make it super easy to move from room to room as you move from bed to couch in those postpartum days.

Once you’ve moved past the newborn days, you might think the need for your Bunnie Caddie is over but it still has so much life left in it! Here’s a few more ideas for your Bunnie Caddie. 

  • Change table organiser – store nappies, wipes, creams and more under or on top of your change table
  • Car nappy change organiser [baby days] – leave it in the back of your boot with nappies, wipes, change mat & changes of clothes for quick trips out of the house
  • Car organiser into [toddler & beyond days] – you might think you don’t need it when you’re no longer changing nappies but kids still need lots of stuff! Store a towel, change of clothes, togs, snacks & more for trips out and about with your little ones
  • Mama organiser – Great for organising all of your little things in your wardrobe or bedroom. The Bunnie Caddie makes for a stylish organiser for all of those things you don’t know what to do with!

We know there are HEAPS more uses for the Bunnie Caddie, but these are just some that we have used with our own Bunnie Caddie. It’s such a great investment for keeping your life calm and organised from birth to beyond.

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