Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set

Baby Nail Care Set

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Probably one of the more terrifying parts of parenting is cutting your babies nails!

The Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set lets you safely trim down your baby's nails without the need for sharp scissors or clippers. This little gadget eliminates the risk of nicking your child's skin to turn those scary nail trimming sessions into quality bonding time.

Simply attach the trimmer pad suitable for your child's age and gradually file down their nails. The trimmer pads make your baby's nails smooth and don't leave sharp edges that may scratch their delicate skin. Also included is a metal pad and cone so parents can file down their nails too, making this a great little contraption for the whole family!

The Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set has two rotation directions and speeds to suit your needs. It's whisper-quiet and features a light on the end for easy nighttime filing!