Cloth Nappy FAQs

What types of nappies do you stock at Mom Store?
- We stock a range of different nappies here at mom store. All of our nappies are either 'All in two' (AI2) or pocket nappies, and some even double as both! The nappies also have different closures - most are snaps but we do have a velcro nappy as well and all are convertible & one size fits most to last your babe until they are toddlers. Each nappy does have a slightly different weight range, so be sure to check on the product listing. 
- Our nappies all have varying features that set them apart from each other, some have inner gussets, some outer gussets, some come with hemp inserts, others with bamboo or bamboo/cotton inserts. Check out all of our different types here, and let us know if you have any questions. 

What is an 'All in Two' AI2 nappy?
- As the name suggests, there are two parts to this nappy. the shell and the insert. With an AI2 nappy, the shell can be reused through multiple nappy changes providing it isn't soiled or soaking wet. The inserts snap in and snap out, making these super easy to use & reuse. 

What is a pocket nappy?
- This is when the insert is stuffed into a lined pocket inside the nappy. This means that the insert isn't directly against baby's skin, but a stay dry layer is instead. Unlike the AI2 option, the shell cannot be reused through multiple changes when the inserts are stuffed into the pocket. 

I am new to cloth nappies, where do I start? 
- We advise that you try one of our trial packs to start if you are unsure what types of nappies might work for you. We offer two different size trial packs where you can trial some of our different brands of nappies and see what works for you and your babe. If you are unsure which brands might suit your babe, or where to start, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

How do I wash my nappies? 
- Each nappy needs to be washed before it's first use - just a simple wash with the rest of your nappies or baby clothes will do. No soaking of inserts is required. 
- After use, scrape or knock solids into the toilet (unless baby is milk fed - these can go straight into the machine), then scrub if required to remove stubborn soiling (our Haakaa silicone scrubbing brush is great for this!)
- Dry pail the nappy in an aerated basket until pre-wash
- Each nappy needs to be washed twice.  A pre-wash each day (at 40 or 60degs) to remove soiling, followed by a main wash every 3rd or 4th day (at 40 or 60degs) to properly clean the nappies. This main wash needs to be a full load to provide adequate agitation and can be bulked with baby items, or small household items no larger than a tea towel to achieve this.
- Once washed, inserts can be placed in the drier on any heat, and the covers can be on a low heat. Line drying is preferred if weather permits to prolong the life of your nappy shells. 
- Using an in-wash booster in your pre-wash such as Sard or Vanish will help to remove stains and keep your nappies crisp. 
- A great guide and helpful page for cleaning advice is the 'clean cloth nappies' group on Facebook, or you can refer to their website www.cleanclothnappies.com

What about the poo?
- It is best to remove most of the poo in to the toilet using a rubber scraper, a knife, plopping it, or holding the nappy under the toilet while you flush it. We then recommend giving the nappy a good scrub in the sink before you dray pail the nappies (check out our silicone scrubbing brush - perfect for this!). 
- If your baby is milk-fed the poo is water-soluble, so you don't have to worry about removing it prior to washing. Once they have started solids, the poo is less water-soluble & could cause staining if not removed & scrubbed. Some people choose to use reusable or disposable nappy liners to help with removing poo & protecting your nappies. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we are always happy to help! Washing cloth nappies can seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. 

 I am getting leaks, what do I do? 
- Leaks can be caused by two issues - fit & absorbency. If you would like us to help with your fit, please feel free to send a picture of your babe in their cloth nappies and we can help advise if anything needs changing. If the fit looks good, the next thing to consider is whether the nappy has enough absorbency. All of our nappies stocked at Mom are super thirsty, natural fibre inserts. Each nappy has a sufficient amount of absorbency, and most often won't need boosting for day-time use (babe dependent). If you have questions about absorbency and cloth nappies, feel free to get in touch and we can advise whether your nappy needs boosting. 

I feel very overwhelmed by where to start, what should I do?
- Start with one nappy, one day a week and go from there. Buy a trial pack and get two or four brands to try and see what works for your babe. Build your collection consciously, and buy only what works for your babe. You don't have to buy 20-30 nappies all at once to start with. You also don't have to do cloth full time if it doesn't suit your lifestyle. Only want to do cloth at home? That's cool! Only want to do cloth one day a week? That's totally fine, too! Figure out what works for you and stick with it. If you want to start cloth full time straight away, that's also great! We definitely recommend trialling a few different types before going all in though, as often you'll find certain nappies or brands might not fit your babe the best. 

There are no rules, and remember that even one cloth nappy a day saves 365 nappies from landfill a year. You are amazing for even considering using cloth nappies to help our planet, deciding to start is one of the hardest parts! 

How do I use cloth nappies while out and about? 
- We advise using a wet bag or two to help with this. Pop your clean, dry nappies into one pocket of your wet bag and your used nappies in the other pocket (or alternatively use two wet bags). Simply remove the nappy from bub as you would a disposable and place into wet bag. If your babe has done a poo, roll the poo nappy up and clip the domes together to contain it, then you can deal with the poo as above when you get home. Once you are home you can deal with your nappies as normal and place in your dry pail.