Keen to use reusable nappies overnight but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

The thought of starting cloth nappies overnight can seem overwhelming – but it definitely doesn’t need to be. Once you’ve got your daytime routine sussed, adding in overnight nappies should be a seamless transition.

So, what are ‘night nappies’?

Night nappies are simply reusable nappies that have more absorbency than day nappies or regular cloth nappies, so that you don’t need to change them for up to a 12-hour period.

When should I start using night nappies?

Once your babe is sleeping longer stretches and no longer pooping overnight is a good time to start. Usually this will be around 3-4 months, for some even earlier.

Can I use my daytime nappies overnight?

Absolutely! For a lot of babies, 'day' nappies will work perfectly fine for use overnight, they may just need some extra absorbency. Fibres like bamboo and hemp are great for adding to your existing nappy set-up to add more absorbency. Some of our day nappies will work perfectly fine for some babies overnight, especially those with two absorbent bamboo terry inserts. 

For all babies, what works and what doesn’t will be trial and error. You may get leaks some nights, and not on other nights – don’t be discouraged! This happens to everyone, and doesn’t necessarily mean that your set-up isn’t working. It could come down to the fit, or sometimes your little one might feed more overnight and the nappy just doesn’t hold up.

What would you recommend for starting out?

If you’re not sure where to start, trialling your day nappy set up with added absorbency is a great starting point, and more cost-effective than buying specific night nappies.

We have a few great inserts that I would recommend for adding in to your kit to trial overnight.

Trifolds – we have a few different trifolds available. Each incredibly absorbent and versatile. These are square pieces of bamboo cotton/bamboo terry that can be folded into three, and then folded again to suit your babe’s wet zone. They can be stuffed into pocket nappies, or wrapped around the outside of a fitted night nappy for added absorbency.

Hemp inserts – hemp is the most absorbent fabrication for an insert that you can get whilst still being incredibly trim. Hemp inserts can be easily added to a bamboo insert that you may already have, to provide a great overnight combination.

My child is a heavy wetter – help!

If you know your child is a heavy wetter (e.g. they often soak through a daytime combination of 2x bamboo inserts within two hours), then heading straight for a fitted night nappy is a great place to start for success overnight.

What is a fitted nappy you ask?

It is a nappy where the entire outer and inserts are absorbent with no waterproof later – this means you will need a cover over the top to ensure it is waterproof. This means the nappy can hold A LOT more wee than a regular daytime nappy.

We have two options of fitted nappies here at Mom.

  • The Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted nappy is a great one-size nappy. Fitting from approximately 4-16kg. Made from super absorbent bamboo and organic cotton fleece for an absorbent combination. These nappies feature a built-in stay-dry layer on the entire nappy and inserts. Keeping bub feeling dry for longer.
  • The Baby Beehinds Night Nappy is the ultimate fitted night nappy. With up to 23 layers of bamboo & organic cotton this nappy has superior absorbency – perfect for even the heaviest wetter. This nappy has a removable multi-layer snake insert that can be folded to suit your child’s wet zone. The insert has a built-in stay-dry microfleece layer to keep your little one feeling dry. Generally this nappy doesn’t need boosting, but it can be boosted on the outside for a super heavy wetter.


We stock two types of nappy covers.

PUL covers – these are a really cost-effective option for overnight use. This is a Velcro cover that can be easily put over a fitted nappy to keep your little one’s clothes & bedding nice and dry. With no built-in absorbency, it is important to ensure the night nappy set up has enough absorbency for how much they ‘wet’. Boosting your fitted nappy with a trifold between the nappy and the trifold is a great option for adding absorbency.

Wool covers – These are the ultimate cover for a heavy-wetting babe. The magic of wool - it repels moisture back into the nappy, keeping clothes & bedding dry all night long. Simply wash, lanolise & pop over your chosen night nappy.  The other incredible benefit of wool? It's self-cleaning and only needs to be washed every few weeks when it gets smelly (unless visibly soiled). Simply air the nappy cover out (pop it over the side of the cot) during the day after use overnight. Make sure you check out our blog on lanolising your wool cover for a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

How many night nappies do you recommend?

We recommend around 4 night nappies and two covers as a starting point. You may need more depending on your wash routine and how often you do your main wash. 4-6 would be an ideal number to ensure you’re not caught short.

How do I wash night nappies?

Great question – we recommend washing night nappies slightly differently to day nappies as they hold a lot more urine so are at risk of ammonia (urine) build up. Washing your night nappies in the morning after they come off your babe is a good way to ensure that the ammonia doesn’t build up. A 60 degree wash is recommended to clean your night nappies efficiently.

If you can’t do your pre-wash in the morning, rinsing & stomping out your night nappy under hot water or in the shower to remove urine is a great alternative, then add to your evening pre-wash as usual will be fine (60 degrees still recommended).

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