What is lanolising you ask? It is simply the process of 'waterproofing' your wool nappy cover.

Wool nappy covers require a lanolin coating to assist with repelling liquid and ensuring your baby's clothes & bedding stays nice and dry.

The best thing to do to start is to wash your wool cover - either by hand or on a wool cycle in your machine with specific wool detergent. Ensure you don't use hot water while washing as the wool will shrink. 

Below is a simple step-by-step guide to lanolising your wool cover.

1. Add 1/2 tsp to a cup of boiling water (you'll need double this if lanolising two wool covers).

2. Add a squirt of baby wash, wool wash or hand soap to your lanolin & hot water - this helps to emulsify the lanolin. 

3. Mix the lanolin solution until the lanolin fully dissolves. The mixture should be cloudy with no lumps of lanolin visible & milky in colour. 

4. Add your milky lanolin solution to a bowl/tub of Luke-warm/cool water. Submerge your cover (inside out preferable), then leave for an hour or overnight. 

5. Remove cover from the water & gently squeeze out the cover to remove the excess liquid. Roll your cover in a towel to remove any residual liquid, then lay flat to dry in the shade. 

Wool Nappy Covers should feel slightly tacky when lanolised properly but this will disappear with use. If you find there are lumps of lanolin, this is ok as it will disperse into the wool further when on the bum. You are aiming for a nice even coverage of lanolin across the whole nappy cover.

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