Silverette Nursing Cups Nipple Shields
Silverette Nursing Cups Nipple Shields
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Silverette Nursing Cups

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The original Silverette Nursing Cups have been handcrafted in Italy by licensed silversmiths for many years. Worn in between feeds, Silverette Cups utilise the natural healing properties of silver to prevent and soothe nipple pain, cracks, cuts and inflammation. 

Silver is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents. It heals and prevents cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness, and infections. 

No creams necessary, no nasty chemicals, safe for mum and baby, easy to use and REUSABLE - one pair will last a lifetime. 

Please select carefully - all Silverette cups are final sale and we cannot exchange these if the wrong size is purchased [rest assured they will still work even if the sizing isn't quite right].


  • Simply place the cups over your nipples, using your bra and/or nursing pads to hold them into place. Wear them night and day, in between nursing sessions, until the pain/damage has resolved. If you are using them as a preventative measure, wear the cups consistently for the first 2 - 3 weeks, then as needed thereafter.
  • We recommend taking a break from wearing Silverette each day (or as needed) and letting your nipples air dry (in the sun is great!), especially if you leak a lot, to prevent excessive moisture exposure. A moist environment is conducive to healing and helps prevents cracks/tears/cuts, however, excess moisture exposure can irritate the nipples and surrounding skin, potentially causing thrush or dermatitis (uncommon but it can happen)
  • Silverette are endorsed by midwives, lactation consultants and obstetricians around the world. And, just as importantly, have been tried, tested and loved by breastfeeding mothers all over the world
  • Please note: While some irritation and discomfort from breastfeeding can be expected, especially as a first time mother, significant nipple damage should be investigated further. It is recommend that seek the professional help of a Lactation Consultant to ensure the latch and positioning are correct and to ensure that there is no undiagnosed lip and/or tongue tie


Available in Original and Extra Large. Please note, the sizing only affects the comfort factor for some, NOT the effectiveness.
How to determine your size:

ORIGINAL: Suitable for those with a bra size of a C cup or less and an areola size LESS THAN 4.5 cm.

XL: Suitable for those with a bra size of a C cup or more and an areola size EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN 4.5 cm.

If your measurements do not fit into the above two categories then order EXTRA LARGE, as this will ensure maximum comfort. For example, if your bra size is smaller than a C cup but your areolas are 4.5 cm or greater, order XL. If your bra size is larger than a C cup but your areolas are smaller than 4.5 cm, order XL. 

Please also consider that pregnancy and milk production will change the size of your breasts and areolas. If your measurements are on the cusp during pregnancy it would be best to size up, as more than likely your breasts and therefore areolas will enlarge when your milk comes in. 

If in doubt, size up. It is better to have them slightly bigger than slightly smaller. 

If your areola measurements indicate that you require the XL size but you have purchased the original, this does not mean that the original size is no longer suitable, so do not worry. Regardless of the size, they will work as intended.

THE ORIGINAL SIZE REMAINS A ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST. If you are using the original size and they are working for you, you do not need to change to the XL ones.