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The Milkbar UV Steriliser is a lifesaver when it comes to expressing, bottle feeding and balancing all the daily tasks we have as parents! 

UV sterilisation works by using pulses of ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould. It works with low heat and there is no water or steam involved meaning you can set and forget, with no need to worry about over boiling or coming to find wet items in your steam steriliser.

The touch-free UV technology is super gentle on all your food-grade silicone, meaning you'll get a much longer life out of your products. Traditional sterilising with hot steam, boiling water or chemical tablets can break down plastics over time, causing hardening, discoloration and potential for chemical components to be released.

UV is completely safe for you and your family, and with it's use for other household items such as keys, phones, cuddlies and toys, it is an investment that will last!


After expressing or bottle feeding your baby, wash parts with hot soapy water to remove milk and residue, shake the excess water off and put in your steriliser for a full auto cycle - this will sterilise and dry everything ready for the next use.

Other items (to name a few) such as dummies, favorite teething toys, cellphones, remotes, keys, face-masks, toothbrushes and fruit can all be sterilised with an efficient 11min cycle where the UV light will work its magic and eradicate any baddies hiding there!


  • Safe, waterless option for sterilising baby and household items
  • Four modes allowing you to sterilise, dry and store items
  • 7L capacity that allows you to sterilise up to 6 large bottles at once