ultimate night nappy kit. baby beehinds night nappy, merino wool nappy cover, mimi & co. originals nappy

Ultimate Night Nappy Kit

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This is the perfect 'stash builder' for your night nappy collection, or the ultimate trial pack if you're just getting started. This kit includes an incredible selection of nappies & inserts that you can play around with to see what works for you. 

Including one of our versatile Mimi & Co. Original nappies, a Mimi & Co. Bamboo Cotton fitted nappy, a Baby Beehinds Night Nappy & Merino Wool Cover + a selection of super absorbent inserts. 

The Mimi & Co. fitted nappy is a great night nappy for heavy wetters. Made from Bamboo Cotton, the buttery soft natural fibres are super soft on your babies skin. 70% Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton will absorb everything your babe throws at it. Up to 12 layers of thirsty bamboo cotton, means there is plenty of material to soak things up. Just fold the two snake inserts and position in your babe's ‘wet zone’.

The Mimi & Co. Originals nappy is also great for light-moderate wetters overnight as is, or heavy wetters if boosted with one of the included inserts. The shell is also a great cover for the Mimi & Co. fitted nappy. 

The Baby Beehinds Night Nappy is a great option for heavy wetting babies. With up to 23 layers of absorbency, this nappy will last you all night. The long tails can be folded to the front, middle or back and positioned in your babe's wet zone, where they need it most. The side snaps on this nappy style allow you to adjust the legs & waist separately to get the perfect fit every time. Whether your babe has chunky thighs or teeny legs, every body shape will get the perfect fit with these side snaps. 

Also included in this kit are a Tuti organic cotton trifold and a Mimi & Co. bamboo cotton trifold, as well as an extra Mimi & Co. originals insert set. These inserts are great for providing extra protection for toddlers and super heavy wetters. Also great for boosting any nappy to take it from daytime use to overnight. 

Finally, is the ultimate night nappy cover - the Baby Beehinds Merino Wool Cover. These are super easy to use, are 'self-cleaning' and only need washing every 3-4 weeks unless soiled. They ensure a super snug, leak-proof fit every time, and are super soft on your little one's legs for a comfortable night's sleep. 

Both Mimi & Co. nappies are OSFM taking you from 4kg to approximately 19kg.
The Baby Beehinds nappy is sized and sizes can be selected from the drop-down menu. 

- One Mimi & Co. Bamboo Cotton Fitted Nappy - ultra thirsty with up to 12 layers of bamboo cotton
- One Mimi & Co. Originals Nappy with bamboo cotton snaker & hemp booster
- One Baby Beehinds Fitted Nappy
- One Baby Beehinds Merino Wool Nappy Cover
- One Mimi & Co. Bamboo Cotton Trifold
- One Tuti Organic Cotton Trifold
- Extra Bamboo Cotton Snaker Insert 
- Extra Hemp Booster Insert
- Everything you need to get started on your night nappy journey