Haakaa Silicone Food Dispensing Spoon

Silicone Food Dispensing Spoon

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The Haakaa Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is the perfect way to take your homemade baby food out with you without the hassle of carrying separate spoons and plastic containers. It's also incredibly handy for mess-free serving of food at home.

The Silicone Food Dispensing Spoon lets you feed your little one with homemade goodness in a way that's free from waste and harsh chemicals, plus it makes meal times super easy. 

Simply fill the tube with baby food and pop on the lid. The food will remain inside the leakproof silicone tube until it's time for a snack. Remove the lid and gently squeeze the tube to dispense food onto the spoon. Once you've finished feeding your little one, put the lid back on and place it back in your bag!


- Made with food grade silicone
- Holds approx 120ml
- Dishwasher safe
- Dismantles for easy cleaning
- Leakproof & airtight when lid is on
- Can be left in boiling water to heat food
- Mess & waste free!
- Free from PVC, BPA & phthalates