mimi & co. originals OSFM nappy Neil Diamond orange snaps
mimi & co. originals OSFM nappy neil diamond
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Mimi & Co. Originals One Size Nappy

Mimi & Co
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The Mimi & Co. Originals cloth nappies really are the ultimate nappy solution.

Beautiful prints meet functional design to give your babe the best absorption & leak protection without compromising on looks. There are two common cloth nappy styles on the market & the Mimi & Co. Originals modern cloth nappy design offers both, so you can choose what works best for you. It is both an all in two nappy & a pocket nappy in one. 

All in 2 Nappy (AI2)

- Snap-in inserts
- This style is simple to set up
- Easy to wash 
- Quick to fold
- Bamboo insert next to baby's skin 
- Shell can be reused if not soiled/soaked through

Pocket Nappy

- Inserts tucked inside the cover
- Perfect for active toddlers
- Great for boosting absorbance at night
- Simple for childcare staff and grandparents to use
- Stay-dry inner next to baby's skin


The Mimi & Co Inserts are designed to offer the most amount of absorbency whilst maintaining a slim, comfortable and flexible fit.

5-Layer Bamboo Snake Insert
- Made from 5 layers of 280GSM Bamboo Cotton, giving a huge absorbency total of 2,800GSM when folded
- Insert is able to be folded to sit with the bulk of absorbency in your babe's wet zone for ultimate customisation! 
- Snake insert can be snapped into the shell to provide comfort and stability

4-Layer Hemp Insert
- Made from 4 layers of 360GSM Hemp Cotton, giving a total of 1,400GSM of extra protection
- Hemp absorbs up to 20% its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch
- Snaps into snake insert or nappy shell for active babes

We also have the Mimi & Co bamboo trifold inserts available which can be used to add extra absorbency for night-time use, or to swap out one of the above inserts. 


- OSFM to fit newborn babies and toddlers from approx. 4kg to 19kg
- Single outer gusset & super soft inner gusset for leak protection
- Wider elastic at the back ensures that all moisture is contained
- Nappy contains a small stretch of elastic on the belly to provide additional leak protection.
- Contains a 4-rise easy-to-use snap button for size adjustments
- Multiple nappy absorption levels are available for handling light to heavy wetters
- Hybrid design means the bamboo nappy insert or the stay-dry suede layer (built into your cloth nappy cover) can sit next to babies skin
- Inserts can either be snapped in or placed/stuffed into nappy