Mimi & Co. Bamboo Limitless Fitted Nappy

Mimi & Co. Limitless Bamboo Fitted One Size Nappy

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The Mimi & Co. Limitless Bamboo Fitted Nappy is the perfect nappy for use during the day time, but is especially great for overnight. 

Made from Bamboo Cotton  – The buttery soft natural fibres are super soft on your babies skin. 70% Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton will absorb everything your babe throws at it. 

Up to 12 layers of thirsty bamboo cotton, means there is plenty of material to soak things up. Just fold the two snake inserts and position in your babe's ‘wet zone’.

You can even further boost with one of our Mimi & Co. Bamboo Cotton trifolds to provide protection for toddlers or super heavy wetters. 

One Size – With 3 rise settings on the front of the bamboo nappy, this will take you from newborn to toilet training without a leak. Cross-over waist snaps give you a perfectly snug fit every time.

Just Add Cover – These are a fitted nappy meaning the entire nappy is absorbent, but they do need a waterproof layer to keep clothes & bedding dry. Simply use a Mimi & Co Originals or Bare and Boho nappy cover (or any other double gusset or wool covers you might have), and you are good to go!

- Suitable for Night Time  – This cloth nappy is a total workhorse nappy for everyday use, but it also makes a great night nappy. 
- Ultra Thirsty – Up to 12 layers of thirsty bamboo cotton.
- Comes with two bamboo cotton snake inserts. 
- OSFM - 3 rise settings to fit from newborn to toilet training. Approx 4kg-17kg (thought they have fit babes up to 19kg fine before, this will depend on the shape of your baby). 
- Fully absorbent fitted nappy - Just add a cover.