bare and boho newborn nappy inserts

Bare and Boho Newborn Nappy Inserts - Pack of 5

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The Bare and Boho newborn nappy inserts feature four layers of absorbent fabric and are perfect for use inside any of the Bare & Boho newborn nappy covers. Featuring double layered side gusseting around the thigh contour for maximum anti-leak protection.

The newborn inserts are available in a cotton/bamboo fabrication that is comprised of three layers of bamboo cotton fleece and a top microfleece layer that wicks moisture away, helping to keep babies dry.

These inserts are designed for day use and will last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Each insert has 4 Layers of absorbent fabric with double-layered side gusseting around the thigh contour for maximum anti-leak protection.

The Bare & Boho newborn system is a cost-effective way to cloth nappy your newborn. If the shell is not soiled or wet, it can be reused by simply removing the soiled insert & replacing with a clean one - meaning you need less nappies in total. 


The “Stay Dry“ Bamboo-cotton with quick dry Microfleece top layer. The Bamboo based Stay-dry insert is a slightly more affordable option which can impact on decision making, and although stems from a natural source being the bamboo plant, it does undergo extensive processing to convert to a fibre. Bamboo Inserts are blended with cotton, so there are no other added synthetic blends. Bamboo-Cotton does also make for an absorbent and thirsty fabric. With the added benefit of the top layer being microfleece, this insert will not feel wet for your little one as opposed to our natural fibre Hemp insert alternative, as the microfleece wicks away moisture.


Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Line dry or tumble dry.


Bamboo Inserts: 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton + Microfleece Top Layer 100% Polyester