Milk Bar Single Electric Breast Pump

Advanced Flow Single Electric Breast Pump

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The Single Electric Breast Pump from Milkbar is easy to use, gentle on your skin and has a battery that lasts for three hours before needing to be recharged!

The soft 100% food grade silicone breast cushion is the most comfortable and advanced cushion on the market. It's unique design allows the cushion to gently compress the breast and nipple while the pump simultaneously performing a suckling action.

The 3 phase technology mimics the natural feeding action by re-creating the suckling motions of a baby compressing the nipple between their tongue and palate while drawing out breast milk. 

This technology enables Mums to express more precious breast milk in less time. Express breast milk without being attached to power outlets so you can pump anywhere, anytime. The straightforward digital touch screen technology allows you to easily toggle through the stimulation settings and suction levels. This pump really does do it all! 


  • Breast Pump Electric Unit
  • One collection bottle, teat & storage lid
  • 22mm original kit
  • Air Flow suction kit that is one size fits most
  • Two spare silicone tubes
  • Bottle converter for use of our pump with most other brand bottles
  • Power A/C adapter/charging cable


  • Hospital grade motor for superior power and effectiveness
  • Sleek design, compact and light weight for maximum portability
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery allows you to pump unplugged for up to 3 hours per charge
  • 30 minute countdown timer allows you to keep track of your pumping time
  • Stimulation & expression modes - 9 levels of strength/suction
  • Faster expressing & increased milk production
  • 3 phase expression resembles baby's natural feeding action - faster and better milk expression
  • Inbuilt memory system 
  • Hygienic & safe
  • Unique air-liquid separation bladder design stops any milk back flow into the pump 
  • Pump in dim lighting with an easy to see LED display