My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Pregnancy - what a journey huh? I'm the first to admit that I have not handled pregnancy well this time around. I found out I was pregnant at just 3 weeks, so a week before my missed period. It was two days before Christmas and I had a feeling I could be pregnant so took a test before all of the Christmas festivities and luckily I did as it was positive!

Not long after this, the nausea started at about 4-5 weeks, which then turned into vomiting, morning and night from about 6 weeks. I managed to get through each day with the help from my friends Metoclopramide, Ondansetron & beige food [IYKYK]. By about 20 weeks the vomiting seemed to subside and the nausea as well. I thought things would get easier and I'd settle into the 'honeymoon' phase of pregnancy nicely. Boy, was I wrong! From here, my lovely toddler seemed to bring home every day care bug possible and I seemed to pick up every single one!

I then developed a 'post-viral cough', which has irritated me for the last few months and resulted in many coughing fits to the point where at times I would vomit [not to mention the toll this has taken on my pelvic floor, again, IYKYK!]. This has also caused an immense amount of rib pain that not much has helped. Couple this with pelvic & back discomfort due to my growing size and I haven't been the most comfortable person lately.

Despite all of this, I am doing my best to try to enjoy what will likely be my last pregnancy. Even with the discomfort and constant exhaustion of life with a toddler - the kicks & movements and hearing the heartbeat at the midwife each month have truly been getting me through!

There are a few things that I have been absolutely loving this pregnancy which have helped to make life a little better and more enjoyable over the last 7 months of pregnancy.

Another thing I will be adding to this list over the coming weeks is a pelvic floor check up with my amazing Women's Health Physio. This will ensure I am going into birth as prepared as I can be, and will help with any pelvic discomfort as the belly continues to grow - something I highly recommend you do if you are able to. 

Purflo Pregnancy Pillow 

Oh my goodness this pillow is the best thing to ever happen to my sleep and has been worth every penny for me. The pillow is nice and structured and has retained it’s shape throughout my pregnancy, unlike the pillow I used in my last pregnancy. It is long enough to cocoon your entire body and bonus – it can be used as a feeding pillow once bub is born. I love the dual purpose of this pillow and that it won’t be relegated to the closet at the end of my pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

A luxury for sure, but something that has absolutely kept me feeling sane and somewhat well rested this pregnancy has been pregnancy massage. An hour completely to myself, to relax, snooze and be pampered. Absolute bliss!

I have been going to Jane Harris Massage in Hamilton and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Pure Mama Belly Oil

The holy grail of belly oils! I used a belly oil last pregnancy as well, but it has nothing on this luxurious oil from Pure Mama. I have loved lathering my belly in it each night, and so far have zero stretch marks! It’s great to also put over your breasts & hips and any other dry skin as well. It’s been my little luxurious treat each night and has helped me to feel a little more human - even on the nights when I haven’t been feeling so great.

Franjos Belly Bump Biscuits + Lila Jasmine Lactation Bars

Let me tell you – when you’re suffering from morning sickness, snacks are a must! I loved both the Belly Bump Biscuits and the Lila Jasmine lactation bars for a nice carb hit mid-morning. The oaty goodness in both of these helped to keep me full, and also curbed my sweet cravings – perfection! Even though the lactation bars are technically for that, lactation – they are full of nutritious ingredients to help nourish you in pregnancy and keep you feeling full. The ginger in the belly bump biscuits is just enough to help ease that nauseous feeling, these are perfect to eat before you get out of bed in the morning if that's when your nausea hits most. 

Wheat Bag

An essential to survive pregnancy in my opinion, especially as there are little safe and effective pain relief options that you can use/take during pregnancy. I have been using wheat bags on my ribs, lower back, pelvis and anywhere else that has been sore! I sleep with it, use it while I’m sitting at my desk, and literally cannot drive anywhere long-distance without it on my back. Game. Changer!

You can grab these from most pharmacies.

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